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An Enchanting Day in Marrakech's Souks from Riad Ethnique

As the sun rises, the allure of Marrakech welcomes us at Riad Ethnique by La Signature Marrakech, a luxurious haven nestled within the Medina. With its refined architecture and ethnic details, the riad provides a waking experience enveloped in the enchanting atmosphere of this vibrant city.

Breakfast on the terrace:

The day begins with a delightful breakfast served in the riad's secret courtyard. Amidst the scents of spices and flowers, we savor fresh fruits, traditional pastries, and expertly crafted mint tea served by the attentive riad staff.

Exploring the Souks

After breakfast, we venture into the winding alleys of the Medina, ready to explore the lively souks. We navigate the labyrinth of colorful shops, admiring local craftsmanship, from handwoven carpets to intricate ceramics. Our journey takes us through the sounds and scents of exotic spices, offering a unique sensory experience.

Return to the Riad for a Refreshing Break:

Midday, we return to Riad Ethnique for a rejuvenating break. Instead of lunch at the riad, we opt for a stop at La Famille restaurant, known for its vegetarian menu. The restaurant's serene ambiance and fresh, flavorful dishes provide the perfect respite.

Afternoon Relaxation at the Riad

In the afternoon, we choose to unwind in the riad's inner courtyard. We immerse ourselves in the refreshing pool surrounded by lush plants, enjoying an atmosphere of serenity away from the hustle and bustle of the souks.

Homemade Dinner at the Riad

As evening approaches, we indulge in a homemade dinner at Riad Ethnique, prepared by the riad's talented staff. Using exceptional local ingredients, the dinner is a culinary delight, showcasing the authentic flavors of Moroccan cuisine. It's a personalized and intimate dining experience within the riad's enchanting walls.

Gourmet Breakfast on the Terrace

The next morning, we wake up to a gourmet breakfast served on the riad's terrace. With panoramic views of the Medina and the surrounding mountains, we enjoy a leisurely start to the day, preparing for another exploration of Marrakech's wonders.



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